Our Mission Statement

We are a growing, rural community of Catholic believers in Central Kentucky, who are rich in our tradition and in our diversity. In communion with the Archdiocese of Louisville, our mission is to proclaim and spread the good news of Jesus Christ by: Worshiping God in word, deed, and sacrament; Teaching and sharing our faith; Serving other's needs, especially the poor and oppressed; Promoting spiritual growth; Fostering reconciliation and harmony especially with our covenant churches and amongst all God's People. We pledge ourselves to return thanks through responsible use of God's gifts.  



100   Building Maintenance & Grounds - Parishioners who make repairs to the building and care for the grounds of the parish. Contact Gerard Hinton @ 502.477.5143   

101   Finance Committee - Advises the pastor and Parish Council in matters of finance, budget, and decisions involving temporal goods of the parish budget. Contact Diana Faue @ 502.477.0798

102   Offertory Counters – Teams that count the funds collected at Mass each week. Contact the parish office for more information.

103   Parish Office Volunteers – Parishioners who assist the parish staff in performing clerical work and special projects. Contact the parish office for more information.

104   Parish Council – A consultative body who advises the pastor on the administrative activities and programs affecting the liturgical and spiritual life of the parish. Contact the parish office for more information.


200   Religious Education – Parishioners who teach Catholic beliefs, traditions, and values to children and youth. Contact Becky Culver @ 502.774.3167

201   Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) – Parishioners who assist adults in learning (or re-learning) the teachings, values, and practices of the Catholic faith. Contact Carmen Rendon @ 502.477.6943    

202   Youth Ministry – Parishioners who assist the Coordinator of Youth Ministry in Catechesis, prayer, and service opportunities. Position vacant @ 502.477.6676   

203   Cub Scouts – Cub Scouts meet Mondays @ 7 pm. Contact Doug Hayes @ 502.477.8590  


300   Altar Servers – Assist the priest during liturgy. Adults and youths are encouraged to participate. Contact Mari Wertz @ 502.477.8534

301   Art and Environment – Parishioners who decorate the church and other parish areas during various events and throughout the liturgical seasons. They also care for altar linens. Contact Connie Eisenback @ 502.821.2887    

302   Eucharistic Minister – Serves Holy Communion at the liturgy and/or takes communion to the homebound. Contact Fr. Johnny Johnson @ 502-888-4865  

303   Hospitality/Usher – Greets all attendees before Mass and assist those in need of seating. They also collect the weekly offering during Mass. Contact the parish office for more information.

304   Lector – Readers who proclaim the Scriptures at Mass and other services. Contact Fr. Johnny Johnson @ 502-888-4865    

305   Music Ministry – Leads the assembly in song at the 5 pm Saturday Mass, the 12pm Sunday Mass, and other Masses. Contact Mary Creed @ 502.477.5434   

306   Nursing Home Communion Ministry – Volunteers who take Communion to our nursing home residents on Saturday or Sunday. Contact Deacon Carl Fahringer @ 502.477.6676   

307   Sacristan – Parishioners who care for the sacristy, church, and contents. Will also prepare the sacred vessels and other items needed for each liturgy and properly store those items after the conclusion of Mass. Contact Carmen Rendon @ 502.477.6943

Parish Life

400   Bereavement Meal – Volunteers who provide prepared dishes and assist in serving a meal for a celebration of life following a funeral. Contact Kenny Harryman @ 502.389.7114

401   Community Outreach - Parishioners who conduct activities to better the Taylorsville and Spencer County community with food drives, calling or visiting with our elderly and homebound. Contact Sue Balter @ 502.354.9143   

402   Healing Blanket – Parishioners who make blankets with rosary pockets for distribution to the sick within our Parish. Contact  Patti Willey @ 502.354.0488

403   Newsletter – Team that writes articles, photographs events & activities, prepares layout & graphics, to publish the quarterly Parish newsletter.  Contact the parish office for more information.    

404   Parish Yard Sale – Parishioners who collect and organize all of the goods for the annual Parish Yard Sale fundraiser. Contact Barbara Shirley @ 502.418.8501    

405   Respect Life – Parishioners who promote respect and protection for all of God’s people. Contact Kelly Keller @ 502.477.2844   

406   Social Hospitality – Parishioners who bring our church community together through social activities and events. Contact Kelly Eiden @ 502.664.3887

407   Stewardship – Team who assists parishioners with sharing their time and talent, to fulfill their baptismal call to engage in the works of the parish.  Contact Bonnie Pass @ 502.477.1118

408   Welcomers – Parishioners who serve as greeters and coordinate monthly meetings for those interested in becoming members of All Saints Parish. Contact Bonnie Pass @ 502.477.1118 

Knights of Columbus

409   Knights of Columbus - A Catholic men’s fraternal organization devoted to the Catholic Church and serving the local community. Contact Greg Eiden @ 502.477.2478